Working Overtime

So I get to work today and my boss is in my office. Naturally I kinda freak out inside because I was falsely accused of ticking off a resident two weeks ago and got a little talking-to about it. However, she was working for the morning person who was out sick. So she’s all stressed out because it’s “been crazy all day”, and after hearing her report, I’m all “Really? That’s nothing!”

She had approved four people to enter shelter, two of which had children. I managed to do three intakes within half an hour by myself with no help and just one volunteer only available to show one lady where to go to her room. I also discovered that the third shift person was also sick and that I was expected to stay until 1AM.

I had put in 10.5 hours in Wednesday, and I told boss lady I would have monster overtime, but she said to go for it.

So I worked, and I am exhausted

I finished the first of the two pairs of Lacey boot toppers, but I needed a break. I switched to a triangle shawl designed by an up-and-coming designer named Anthony Casalena. This is one of his first patterns called the Trifecta, and I like it a lot. I’m making it out of this luscious 100% alpaca.

Tomorrow it’s on to the second pair of boot toppers!


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