Try New Things

I have been updating my freaking laptop ALL night! It’s killing me! But then again I don’t use it nearly as often as I used to. I picked up a minster amount of overtime at work last week and I’m ready to sleep for a week! One of our co-workers had surgery on her ankle, so I’ve had to do third shift (that’s 11PM to 7AM) last Wednesday, as well as tomorrow night and the night after. I’ve gotten all of the third shift paper work figured out pretty well, but it’s just such an unusual shift.

Now for my biggest announcement: Flexy/ Other Rachel and I have found a place to live together!!

We’ve been looking for weeks, and on the last possibly day before she had to give her notice to the apartment she’s living in, we found it! It’s a quaint little duplex not far from my parents home.

I’m so excited to start this new adventure and get a little more freedom! It sucks having to come home and go straight to bed after work when I want to be busy and awake!

I’ve also been knitting a little more and gotten out of my slump. I’ve also started eating more again, which I’ve been rather naughty about the last few weeks.

So I picked this beauty up today:

I’m loving it! It’s definitely good to read first-hand accounts of being a shepherd, instead of just dreaming about it.

Well, not much else to tell you all tonight, I’m going to be a total zombie for the foreseeable future so wish me luck!


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