Me and the No-Good Very Bad Week

This past week has been bananas. And by bananas I more insinuate to the cartoon scenarios when one falls and busts their butt on a banana peel.

This past weekend was a madhouse at shelter. Drunks, missing items, rowdy children, and petty nonsense. Saturday alone two, TWO abusers approached shelter looking for clients inside. Thankfully they obeyed my commands to leave the property so I didn’t have to summon backup. Oh, and no volunteers that day. It takes a lot for me to be patient these days. I’ve also been battling chronic fatigue for weeks, which has me having to dig real deep just to get up in the morning.

I went to the doctor today because on Sunday, I had another fainting episode right before I went in and dealt with round 2 of craziness at work. I haven’t had a major episode like this for a while, but it’s really causing me to worry. My doctor and his team are fantastic, but right now my symptoms could be any number of things so I’ll just have to wait on the lab results. The nurse rinks it’s protein related, doc says its thyroid. Only time will tell.

Blissfully, my first paid holiday is Presidents day, which means I get three blissful days off next week…they will be spent packing, but regardless, they will be work free.

Again, I still have had barely any energy to knit, which is really damn irresponsible since I’m way behind on this boot topper order

Since I’m way past our deadline, even though the family friend ordering them did briefly forget about them, I’m not going to charge for them. It’s just a better business practice I say. Besides, I have another order I need to get on quick for Flexy; and since Flexy and I are gonna be roommates, there will definitely be hell to pay if I don’t get this one done.

I went ahead and started a new spinning project:

It’s a gorgeous Bambino mix, (thats merino and bamboo for all you non-fiberfreaks). It sheds a wee little bit, but damn is it soft! Drafts out lovely! Definitely gonna Navajo ply it when I’m done!

I love Navajo ply. It really is my favorite technique I’ve learned thus far. Sure it cuts down on your yardage you get in the end, but it looks more like a professional high-end yarn in the end. The bambino is also in a perfect shade for Valentines day today! Since I’m still ridiculously single and fabulous, I will be spending the afternoon with my fellow single ladie and spiritual guru Frenchy! I haven’t seen her in months and I’m so excited to spend most of the day with her!



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