We’re Moving On Up

Blissfully my weekend got WAY better than the week before. I had a splendid Valentines Day with my buddy and spiritual guru Frenchy

Manicures, pedicures, sushi, and cocktails. Plus a whole lot of catching up and good old-fashioned gossip. I couldn’t have asked for a better Valentine. Honestly if the population were to dip to the point where women outnumbered men and Polygamy was the only answer to survival of our species, I’d totally be ok having Frenchy as my Sister Wife.

Next, Saturday. Went to work a little early to help my co-workers sand and paint the new walls in our new Child Care area, and the residents mostly behaved themselves. But like a lake in the Amazon, the surface of the water may be calm, but beneath is a swarm of hungry piranha!

Then Sunday rolled around, and I had a lovely day with Other Rachel

We had gotten a Groupon for a BYOB painting class! I had to work after we got done so we skipped the mimosas. For those of you who don’t know, O.R. and I don’t drink more than one sample a month in the first place, which makes this story earn a little ironic chuckle. Our class was offered over painting dolphins, and we had a blast!!



We had a total blast! We are definitely going to take another class here in the very near future!! We will be hanging these beauties up side by in the new place!

I have the next three days off from work and I am going to be busy busy busy the entire time!

As you know, O.R. And I are moving in together, and for me, the timeline has been moved up and up and up ever since we signed the lease. Flexy is moving in next Saturday, which is going to take all day because she has so much more than I, but I’ll be working. I was going to go ahead and move my bed, two dressers, two bookshelves, and Scarlet my wheel to the new place in Thursday and spend this upcoming day and tomorrow to pack and buy any last-minute needs.

But apparently we could have a tornado on Thursday. Showers. Thunderstorms. And good old Tornado Alley unpredictability. I don’t want a wet mattress, but that’s just me.

So I’ve started to prioritize my non-furniture packing.

This means my yarn storage.

I’m really only limited to the space in my tiny ass room, which is gonna be cramped as it is. I’ve been pruning my stash of all the crappy acrylic yarn I never use, Frogging old projects that no longer hold any interest to me, and just going about sorting and re-organizing by content and such. I’ve got bed elevators to put most of it out of sight underneath, but it won’t hold it all.

And it sure as hell ain’t going in the garage. No. Freaking. Way.

I’m trying to find a creative way to display my handspun yarn, but I think it may have to be temporarily banished to a Rubbermaid. We shall see.


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