Home Away from Home

It’s been just less than a week in the new house with Other Rachel. I’m still settling in, and it’s weird not having my parents around, and I miss Rosie. Like a lot. I’ve cried twice already over it. But, I had to grow up some time.

So here’s a little bit of the moving process

This is our little kitchen. It’s been a little odd having to mark territory over cabinet space, but it is what it is.


Mom got us all these other goodies. She’s been a tremendous help, I’m so blessed to have her less than a mile away.

I put this fancy shelf together myself. Cause I’m a grown ass woman nshit, haha!


Our lovely living room! Isn’t it charming? Overall the place is small, no pantry which is kinda cramping our style. But I had full reign over my room and bathroom!

I went with an Indian theme, just barely caught the shelf in the reflection. My bedroom is coming along, but it’s still a work in progress without my beloved yarn stash and Scarlet.

It’s still gonna take a week before I’m sure I’ll really feel settled in, but I think this is gonna be good for me. Now we just have to figure out Internet and we’re set!



One thought on “Home Away from Home

  1. Take heart in the fact that your kitchen is a million times bigger than my first kitchen. It was basically a closet. haha! Anyway, I hope you’re reunited with your yarn stash soon. 🙂

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