Pretty Words

I could tell you about my previous weekend from Hell at work. I could tell you all about suicidal CASP workers, (those are people fulfilling community service for minor crimes). I could tell you about being covered in someone else’s pee for two day in a row. I could tell you about the most precious baby in the world whose mother does not deserve him. I could also tell you about the most beautiful and annoying man slut that feeds me pretty words but has a bad habit of over-booking all the women in his harem, which for me has lead to some interesting run-ins.

I will spare you all this because I love you. This is a place of fluffy, warm happiness to get away from my life on this real-time Jerry Springer episode. I love you, an no one should have to live this struggle in their thoughts as I do in real life.

I will, however, tell you that I am about to embark into a realm that has always been a mystery and a daunting, intimidating challenge for me.


My Hookers have their own little quilters circle as part of a 365 Day challenge. This quilt is Sarah’s, she’s a Hugh fan of bright stimulating colors put together. And this one is Brooke’s

The feline in question is Leo, Sarah’s cat, who is a bit of a man-slut himself. Brooke was not pleased when he sat down in her hoop mid-stitch.

I’ve always been fascinated by quilts but never had the gumption to try it myself. Sarah’s mother is an expert quilter. When I went home yesterday, I found loads of fabric I had had stashed away, in hopes of someday breaching this strange new world of needle and thread.

The time is now!

Well, technically it won’t be until Sarah comes over on Friday to help me, but still! The time to quilt is upon me!!!


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