Take a Moment

Remember those three Christmas stockings I cranked out in December?

Well, I’m working on a fourth one. It’s going as a baby shower gift to the new mommy in this lady’s family.

Every time I think I have a quiet moment in my office to crank out a row or two, someone comes into the office for some petty need or trivial complaint about roommates, wanting to use the elevator, and all manners of real non-issues. I can’t remember the last time I actually helped a lady regarding something about working thru their Domestic Violence. Instead of being an Advocate for these women, I feel like a personal maid.

But enough about all that, check out my quilt!!

This was a terrible idea. My Hookers have been hand quilting as a 365 Day project as you know, and I’ve always been fascinated by quilting.

I’m less than one square in and I already regret this decision.

You know how long it takes to hand-quilt? You know how tiny a hand-quilting needle is? My hands cramped almost instantly, and I’m only doing a baby quilt!

I will definitely finish this one, but it’s gonna be a while before my sanity lapses and I do a King size like Brooke is doing.

Now, in knitting news, I received my first shipment from Yarnbox yesterday, and I’m in love!!

This is a 50/50 merino/silk blend from a wee little Swiss designer and it’s called Siidegarte, or Silk Garden. I cannot wait to cast in but I have stockings to finish!



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