May the Fourth

I have been a busy girl this weekend!!


I worked a 5K for CASA, into which I was sworn in on Wednesday 👏. Now, the man in the almost invisible shorts is someone I’ve been unfortunately privy to run into for many years. He’s a Special Ed instructor at a local high school and as you may guess, a bit of an exhibitionist. He’s obsessed with crop tops, skimpy running shorts and even tinier speedos. I first ran into him when I joined a swim team in middle school, when he would swim and parade around in front of the college girls. Next he came to the pool where I was a lifeguard. He can’t swim to save his own life, but he makes a show of it regardless.

I then went on to have a total feast with my beloved mother ❤

I also helped mom with her new flea market booth before going to buy a law mower for my new place. Our yard was looking all kinds of ghetto.

So this morning I mowed my little heart out, and boy, that was the most intense workout I’ve had in weeks! But before I went on my beautification campaign, I gathered up some Henbit.


Now, you may recall last year when I dyed some Henbit with some sample yarn that later became a hexipuff. This time I dyed the dirty fiber I told you about a few days ago.

All that vegetation is nothing compared to what it was!

I retrieved a lovely yellow from it after sealing it once again with lemonade Koolaid. I was most pleased. I then settled down to celebrate Star Wars day with this Trifecta shawl I’ve been working on for a while.

And last but not least, today is a very happy birthday to my beloved Rosie!!



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