I am so thankful to be working as a Children’s Advocate. My hours alone make it all the more worthwhile aside from working with some of my favorite people!

This weekend was an annual event called Rock n’ Ribs, a charity barbecue, music, beer and poker tournament event that benefits seven local children’s charities, including my Shelter! I volunteered Friday night and Saturday afternoon with some of my coworkers and my protage, Girl Taylor.


We worked at a local restaurants tent and smuggled out some barbecued pulled pork! We also enjoyed an 80’s cover band concert and funnel cake. It was an amazing weekend!

Next if course was Mother’s Day

We went to church and then out to eat. It was a lovely day.

In knitting news, I’ve greatly increased my handspun inventory these past few weeks.

This is a Malabrigo merino blend, I still have half of the fiber left to spin. In case you haven’t figured it out by now, I freaking love merino wool ❤ Below is the finished Dirty Fiber I was telling you all about.

If you’re just now reading about it, this was some Blue Faced Leicester wool that I had picked up from a fiber festival last fall and hated. Immensely. So I dyed it with some common weeds that grow in my neighborhood called Nettle/Henbit. Not sure what I’m going to do with it, but that just adds to the suspense!

I also finished a giant triangle shawl. The pattern is called a Trifecta, and it’s by an up and coming designer I stumbled upon on Instagram called Anthony Casalena.

Forgive my big hips and behold the color!! This yarn is in an alpaca blend, and it’s so lovely! starting this week, I’m going to be building up my handspun inventory. I know I know I keep saying I will but this time I mean business!!!


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