Lost with a Friend

Bloody Mary and I are quite a pair. She’s the only friend I have who can help me stay positive when we get lost on an out of town road trip. Sure there may be rampant cursing, but it is all in good humor.

Today, we Pilgrimaged to a fiber festival that I’ve heard about for years but have not been to until today. The Highlandville Fiber Artists Guild hosts a festival every yer at the county fair grounds.

We. Got. Lost.

Like hallucinating about hearing banjos kinda lost.

Seriously we stopped at TWO gas stations, pulled over at a church, and had two sets on online directions. And we were all over that little Podunk town. No fairgrounds in sight. It wasn’t until we stopped at our last gas station that we got someone who knew where it was. Honestly this is a tiny ass town of less than nine thousand people, how the hell did they not know where their own county fairgrounds is??

But we arrived. Alive. And it was well worth the trouble when we got to out first booth. The name is ApotheFaery, and it is run by this totally badass hippy woman who home schools her three kids and has the prettiest dreads I’ve ever seen. She had a Build Your Own Batt station, where you could load the drum carder until it can’t take no more for $13, which is an amazing deal!!

Bloody Mary and I made beautiful batts!

Now, batts are made from a drum carder, that device that you see BM cranking on above. You feed fiber in, and turn the crank, which pulls the fiber between two wheels of teeth and to comb the fiber into a long rectangular blanket of fiber as opposed to a long, continuous strand of roving. I made two. A little farther down, we came across the cutest of cuteness!


ANGORA. RABBITS. I almost cried because they are not only fluffy, but the breeder lives in my hometown!! Their fiber was exquisite. I’d love to have one!!

I bought some super pretty merino roving.

I just might never leave the house. Like never. I need to stay focused on building my retail inventory, but I can already tell you I’m keeping most of this for myself. No idea what I’m gonna do with it, but inspiration will come!! I’m positive!

Cleopatra, Other Rachel’s cat, isn’t scared of my spinning wheel Scarlet anymore, and she will lay underneath it and swat her wee paws at it as I’m treading. It’s a beautiful friendship.

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