Little Helpers

Strangely, I already wrote this post once tonight, so I’m sorry if this is a repeat. I’ve been spinning up a storm today and yesterday, but before we get to that, check this out!

Mom and I put my flower bed together!

The withering plan on the left is an azalea bush mom bought us weeks ago that’s been struggling to hold on, as dad never came over to plant it. The bloom in the right is a pretty Queen Elizabeth rose bush!

The ghetto bricks around it were just laying there when we moved in, and it was a complete eyesore before.

Now, onto business.

This is my cousin Emma. She’s even more precious in real life if you can believe it. I gave her needles and yarn many months ago, but her mother threw it away because she “made a mess of it”. Thankfully I gave her crappy yarn for this purpose. Everytime I’m out at grandmas I knit, and Emma will drop what she’s doing and “help me” knit by holding my yarn and making sure I have just the right amount. Too. Cute.

In other news, these are the results of my labor today.

I’m finishing up some Malabrigo Nube fiber, it’s 100%merino. I spun the first half I this ages ago before I even moved, and it’s been sitting there taunting me for weeks. This was the first time I used me WPI wand as well, and I can say it was definitely worth the investment.

For the uninitiated, WPI stands for “Wraps Per Inch”, quite simply how many times a spun single of plied yarn will wrap around a shaft for one inch. What is this purpose? It determines the “weight” of the yarn, and helps determine proper needle size to use with this yarn, and the gauge.

Personally, my body weight fluctuates to frequently that I don’t even bother with gauge. I grip it and I rip it. The WPI on the single I spun was 25wpi, which makes this what we call a Super Fine or Lace Weight yarn. Once I navajo plied it, the WPI decreased significantly.

Now between these two skeins, I have about 380 yards and, of course, I have no idea what to do with it!

Cleopatra, of course, is another helper…in her own naughty way…

I busted her about to jump in to my bag of roving again and again. Never once tried to take off with my malabrigo, but apparently she loves that alpaca/merino blend of mine!

She’s been extra snugly with me lately, I don’t know if it’s because of Other Rachel’s schedule or what, but she’s a lover that’s for sure, even had to interrupt me writing this original post earlier!

Rach and Cleo


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