The House of Rachel

It’s been a good time at the House with Other Rachel. I’ll go days at a time without seeing her due to our work schedules, but there have been some fun antics lately.

I got to play with her work gun, .09mm. Which came in handy when I went on that mothers day shoot out with my mama!

We have been busting out some crazy good recipes together, like this chicken florentine and some sweet sangria.

Yesterday, I didn’t see her but a rather odd request occurred. After almost a year of working together and being friends, Other Rachel is now dating a really nice man we’ll call Dee. Dee is also an officer here in town and I’m quite impressed with him, as far as the opinion of a roommate goes. Yesterday he and OR went out of town for the day and I was asked to go let his bulldog out.

Apparently, Dee not only gave his pooch a bath and cleaned the house, but also left me some candy and told me to help myself to his ginormous tv. The boy scored some extra points for sure! So, I go to this house that I’ve never been to before and come face to face with a ginormous English Bulldog

This is Melvin! I made it out alive with minimal slobber. He was so much fun to play with!

Now, one thing that comes in handy about having a skinny, scrawny roommate is that I have a model handy at all times. I am working in something called the Shalom Cardigan.

I made one once before, but the original pattern is intended for a woman with a size 32″ bust. I’m…..a 40″. On a good day. So, Other Rachel has inherited my old cardigan and it fits her twigness like a glove. I’ll post a photo of her once I get ER to stay home longer than four seconds, haha.

So, remember this Superwash Merino I dyed last week?

It turned out like this!!!

This fiber is so…thirsty! I tried to feed it in end-to-end so I wouldn’t have any variegation, and intended for it to be like that dark green color on the right, but I was pleasantly surprised! Since I went kayaking that morning, I have named this fiber “Lake Springfield”, and I will be making it available for purchase as soon as it is spun!!


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