I love spinning. I want to make pretty yarn as often as I can but don’t make enough money to send my fiber to the mill that often. So, I decided that slowly but surely I want to produce everything myself!

It started last month. My uncles all have a certain skill that they have as a hobby, and for this I consulted the Carpenter, my uncle Ray


We built a three sided box about 34inches long. This, ladies and gentlemen, will become a wool picker! The finishing touches will involve some 4inch nails hammered in thru the bottom and into the sliding lid, which, when you feed the fiber in, will pick the fiber apart, loosening any of the dirt and vegetation tangled in it.

Finally got back out to the shop to work on it today. I decided to stain the box the same color as my wheel Scarlet!

While I was waiting for the conditioning coat to dry, I ran a crazy idea by my uncle. I wanted to see if he could teach me how to use my grandfathers wood lathe to turn a circle whorl to make a drop spindle. He was ecstatic to try!

My uncle had heart surgery a couple of months ago, and he’s just been down and depressed since then. I truly live for learning new things, and being my teacher has kinda brought him out of his funk. So, it took a little practice and expiramentation, but after about two hours, we got it!

Behold!!! I am so elated to have actually pulled this off! It’s a beautiful walnut piece, and I tried to put a “ripple” design on it, if you would. Now I just gotta buy and stain a dowel rod and we are all set to go everybody!!



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