I finally finished the Tour De Fleece. I managed to pull off 1,375yds of finished yarn all together! I have a little bit of Lake Sprlingfield left on the bobbin, so now my task begins of trying to re-create that oopsy dye job!

I haven’t been sleeping well again lately. This past weekend was full of events such as a last-minute trip to the fair with Other Rachel, but it still didn’t take things off my mind. Even though there was a beautiful llama and alpaca in the petting zoo…


They even had elephant rides, but we did not partake. I wound up dancing with this one, a poor girl who was enclosed behind a tiny, tiny area of electric fencing.

Still, it hasn’t been enough to take things off my mind. In fact, there’s not really a concrete way of telling exactly what’s in my mind…there’s so much that falls between the tedious and the devastating depending on what mood I’m in at the time. I’ve picked up a few old knitting projects that fell by the wayside, tried new recipes, even went on a date last Friday night. I still feel this overwhelming since of restlessness.

I think my main point of concern is my lack of exercise. I’m going to try something new this month to get me ready for vacation, and there’s a few things I wanna try to get me down some pounds before the end of the year.

I’ve made this argument before, but some of you are new to my reason for wanting to be in shape. I’m a recovering exercise bulimic, what the proper clinical term is I’m not sure, but my way of purging was thru extra swimming laps at practice and walking laps around my school an hour before classes. I was hospitalized for dehydration once and was chronically ill from it. I’ve learned to be healthier about it, but I’m a little bigger than where I want to be.

Long story short: If I loose a bit of weight, I can save money on yarn.

No bullshit. I have developed a thyroid problem, but my Gods-honest reason for wanting to loose weight is so I don’t have to buy two extra skeins of yarn to fit my size.

Take it as you will. I’m going to enjoy this cloudy day. Just got done doing yoga with my kids at the shelter and it was a complete riot.


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