Meant to Be

Things are moving right along. The House of Rachel is back in sync with OR back from vacation, and the neighbors seem to have moved half of their people into the attic on their side of the duplex.

I had my second interview for a job last week and left feeling very nervous. While I was working on the first round of goals for the 30 Day Push I talked about, I got a phone call for the job! I start the day after I get back from vacation and I’m so thankful!!

My goals now look a lot different than they did before I got that phone call! I can now focus more on my family, building my finances back up and being a better friend.

On that note, I’ve made more progress on Other Rachel’s Bee Keeper Quilt

That dark green square with the flower embroidered on it? That is yarn I had leftover from a pair of mittens and headband I knit for Rachel years ago when we first met! I figured it would be a fitting addition to her blanket!

I leave for vacation in less than a week, and I will be sure to send lots of love from the happiest place on earth!!



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