Interesting times. Good, but mostly bad.

Apparently, I developed an infection in my kidneys. I woke up on Sunday morning and thought I had food poisoning. Various unpleasant symptoms ensued, and I stayed the night at my parents house. Passed out a time or too. Couldn’t retain fluids.

Monday, went to urgent care and sure enough, kidneys. Who knew?

So I had been doing really well working out and eating healthy, and now I’m off of my routine. This girl LOVES a routine! So I’m trying to get back into my groove.

In fiber arts news, I’m trying to catch up with Spinzilla.

Spinzilla is a new spinning tournament in its second year, and it’s simple: Spin like hell for a week!! I’m racking up some serious numbers and trying to make space in my closet lol.

Lake Springfield
A batt I won from ApotheFaery
My alpaca/merino blend

Lots of fluffy lovelies coming off of Scarlet! More to come tonight!!!

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