So, apparently this girl forgot to hit the “Submit” button on last month’s car payment and had to pay double this month. Take me now Jesus, just take me now!!

I’ve lived on less, this was just a bite to the button I didn’t need.

OK that’s a lie, the clothes I bought at The Limited when I opened a store credit card there I didn’t need was what I didn’t need, but hey, I needed some stylish stuff that actually fit.

Being the frugal girl, I’ve had to really get creative with ways to continue to feed my fiber habit. Also, I’m rather farmer minded, and hate to waste food, especially if I paid a lot for it.

I’ve read started that portion controlled diet that got sidelined when my kidneys decided they were going to blow up my insides, and by the time I felt like eating them again, they went bad. Other Rachel mentioned that she had told her dad about my spring past time of dyeing with nettle, (“He thought it was so funny that you were so excited about boiling and dyeing with weeds!” She just doesn’t get me). This got me thinking….


You bet I did!!! I mashed them up a little bit, boiled them for a good half hour, and then let them sit overnight.

When OR came home and looked inside she asked what it was. I told her the still-beating heart of Snow White. She wasn’t amused.

Strained it thru the cullender the next day, and thru in four skeins of handspun; 2 super wash merinos, and 2 skeins of alpaca/merino blend. Both had had a nice pre soak vinegar bath.

So, let me tell you what I did wrong:

*I will not mash the berries. The boiling will let the color bleed all in its own.
*I will not be lazy, and will dig out that wire strainer to remove the pulp from the mashings, as it will slide right thru the cullender
*And I will strain it a second time
*I will also get off my lazy horse and get the bigger pot…let’s just say I am damn lucky that the stove top is black, for real.

So, it boiled, it cooled, and outside to the strainer it went.

And by strainer I mean the patio table


Works like a dream!!

Here lies the final product:


The left is the super wash merino, which is significantly darker and has ACTUAL shade of blue in it, super cool! The right is the alpaca/merino, which is lighter. I’m honestly considering a second soap washing with these, the just don’t feel soft and I know it’s because of all the pulp. Regardless, I’m calling this a success!!



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