I have been more than my fair share of productive today. This whole past week has been an uninteresting blur. After I mowed and had lunch with my mom, I set about my day trying to be crafty, I mean, more than usual.

I started by picking up that baby quilt again. It is a good thing there are no babies in my immediate future, because three stitches in I remembered I don’t like quilting. See, I never got that whole “rocking” thing where you have your needle practically horizontal as you stitch multiple stitches in one swoop.  I’m still on that Needle Up, Needle Down phase.

So, I made a few hexipuffs for my knitted quilt…


…and then started spinning this beautiful merino, mulberry silk and stellina blend…


I love how darling this color combo is!! So, I saw that I had a drop or two of wine left on top of the fridge and decided to get crafty once more…


I got all the corks from the restaurant I used to work at, and didn’t want to make some ho-hum corkboard like everyone else, so I made a tree.


This is the one my old boss made years ago…


And this is where I had to stop tonight. My bottle is really big, and it looks ridiculous,  but I can’t wait to finish it!!

I also thought about this shawl I cranked out a few weeks ago with my Spinzilla stash…



Yes, you are correct, that is probably the ugliest thing you’ve ever seen, but I find it charming, so there. I did it completely on a whim as a traditional V shaped shawl, if you look close enough, and then I split the triangles in two and made extra points! My goal today is to modify this pattern, as I could never make another or replace this fugly gem


Pattern coming soon!!!

Oh, and to bring my day full circle, I made shrimp fried rice tonight:


Next time, I will get white rice. And add a wee bit of salt. I tried to be healthy and go with brown rice, but I’ve never had much success with it, but the flavor overall was nice! Success regardless!!

Keep exploring new horizons!!


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