He has Tested Me

So, coming out of my blues from a few weeks ago, I finally just threw my worries to the universe and said Lord, gimme a sign!

Well, I keep getting smacked with them. The first three of which occurred the very next day.

First: 95% sure I ran into my high school ex first thing in the morning. Turns out he works at my gym. When did I realize it was him? Mid-squat. That’s not attractive. I’m pretty sure it’s him, but I’m blind as a bat without my glasses in. So that was interesting.

Second: Well, that’s still a developing issue, so I won’t talk about it.

Third: My wee godson was put in a pickle. The utilities got shut off at their home. I work at a crisis nursery, and mom refused to bring him here, even though this is the exact kind of thing my work is here to do. Some people are so stubborn.

So, I’ve been put through the ringer emotionally and circumstancially. It’s been so strange.

In the happy world, I’ve been spinning alot more these past few days.


I’m dead set on perfecting my technique. I’ve also been scouring the Internet to figure out where to buy everything I could possibly lyrics need from raw fleece to finished, under yarn. I’ve run into alot of dyes that just buy and sell finished yarn. Which is smart, as it keeps the cost down so they can just splash on some dye and call it good. It’s a smart way to turn a profit.

Unfortunately, I’m not that smart. I want to spin it all myself, or at least have a hand in the process coming as far back as I can. Not necessarily going full sheep to sweater, but I want to be thorough. I hated this one vendor at an event I went to in the spring, this lady just wheeled and dealer fiber in bulk. Again, it’s a smart business venture, but if you have the word “Farm” in your name, you better not be running it out of your apartment, just resell g stuff on etst. That bugs me.

Then again, I am a bit of a snob.

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