Accessories make the Outfit

It has been a rather sluggish week at work, strangely, as statistics show that typically need for organizations such as mine escalate around the holidays; issues such as financial troubles, utilities getting shut off, tempers flaring, all those seem to culminate the colder it gets.

Yet, we are at the point where I am completely caught up on pretty much every shred of paperwork and client follow up I’ve got.

If I was allowed to knit at work, I would not only have a sweater made, but also have the wee little children, even those under the age of 5, cranking out hats and scarves, sweat shop style. I’ve made myself busy elsewhere, cleaning, pre-planning events, and all the like.

Eventually though, I am able to come home to knit. Saturday nights are typically my nights to go out with my crafty ladies, my beloved Hookers. Last Saturday we got to do something super fun that the three of us haven’t gotten to do together



Pottery!! And we painted Yarn Bowls, no less! Super fun! I haven’t painted pottery for months, so it was a super treat to get to do. I was worried about that snowflake stamp at the bottom, but it turned out allright. I doctored it up a bit but I am overall pleased.

I’m also working on a quick sweater for my faery godson, BB


I’ve never ever done a baby sweater that’s basically done in one piece, but now that I’m through the setup, I don’t know why I ever did them piece by piece in the first place! It’s going so quickly he’ll be stylish and toasty in no time. I’m also continuing to spin at least a little bit everyday. I’m glad I’ve developed a love of quiet hobbies such as these.

So, fun fact: Did you know that it costs almost $100 give or take to copyright a pattern? It’s outrageous! I have a few small projects that I’ve developed that have become favorites here and there, but I couldn’t afford to copyright it in my wildest dreams right now.

Someday soon.

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