I Couldn’t Ask for More

I turned 24 today.


Just munching on a cake pop in my sheep sweater, nothing crazy.

Today, was an awesome birthday. I got to be obscenely lazy and hang out at my parents house for the bulk of the day. So, we need to talk about my gifts…not because I’m materialistic, but I realize just how much people know me so well.


I’ve talked about my domestication for a while, and this just hammers it home. Last year my genius mother got me a turquoise toaster and mini crockpot,  this year I have a finished set with the hand mixer and mini food processor! Slap the apron and mitts on top of that, how adoreable am I????


Yes, Other Rachel, I can practically hear you laugh when you see this!! I don’t know why, but I love glass washboards. I think their cute and functional. So now I have a big one from my dearest mother. On top of a few random stocking stuffers, I then was met with this beauty:


What the hell is that, you ask? That, whoever you are, my love, is a vintage drying rack. A storeable, very rare and typically very expensive drying rack. And yes, I squealed a little bit when I opened it.

I’m going to cover it with yarn.

But of course, you guessed that. I saw this at a flea market ages ago and it’s amazing!! I can stash it anywhere and it looks really awesome when it’s all the way open!

Yes, I get excited about things like this.


This gem came from Other Rachel. It’s a heavy iron hanging rack to match my bird theme in my bedroom!! I am so delighted!

Then, tonight, came the annual gift exchange with my hookers.

And, as usual, I feel I can never do enough for these two. They are truly far too good to me.


Hilariously, both girls got me a set of these adoreable bowls! Look at that sweater design!


Yes, that is a Sleeping Beauty water bottle, a cookbook and The Walking Dead socks all in the same picture. I am very into a broad spectrum of interests.



This is a shirt Sarah went out of her way to custom order for me. I was shocked!! If you haven’t seen The 10th Kingdom, oh my are you missing out!!


These are basically me, Brooke and Sarah. I couldn’t ask for any better present than to have these two who truly understand and embrace our quirkiness.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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