Fine Things

I will admit, I’m prone to impulse buying. But what keeps me from being reckless is checking my bank account at least once a day. I’m trying to be better about my finances, especially because I’m about to start paying rent on my own, on top of my car payment and everything else.

So, the Hookers came over the other night for a sleepover.


We had movies and face masks and yumminess. We then went out for what is probably going to be my last splurge for a while. We had lunch and then went to the yarn shop.


That’s mink yarn I’m rubbing across my face. The only reason I bought it was because it has 330yds. I love it and already have a pattern picked out!

So like I said, last splurge for a while.

Eating out has also been a major expense for me lately, but we just so happen to have a Biggest Loser weight loss challenge going on at work, so that will curb my spending alot as well!

It’s amazing how things just come together, isn’t it? Now, my main goal is to build up my savings. Don’t get me wrong, I understand that I could just move back in with my parents or put down money for a house, but I want a life on my own schedule, not tip toeing around my parents schedule, and I would totally buy a house, but I decimated my savings account already by buying the car, and paying for everything else that goes with it.

But then again, it’s motivation to not spend money. I’m also a big coin change counter, and counted out more than $10 just out of my purse last night. Plus, I have more than enough fiber in my closet to keep me spinning freely for a while.

So really, when you have a great sense of control, and discipline to not give in to yourself, you can truly be free.


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