It’s been a good past few days. I’m no longer on call, which I’d good, because I swear I need a Xanax every five weeks, my nerves get shot. So, I’ve been knitting alot. Other Rachel and I actually had two days off in a row together and I worked on five different projects while we binged on watching The Black List.

The final preparations have been made and I am all set to move kn to my own Bachelorette pad in March!! I’m so excited to get in and start decorating!!



I’ve been missing my furniture that I bought back in October. Santa Clause also brought me a brand new washer and dryer for my birthday! I’m over the moon about all the counter space I’m going to have!

So, in that aspect, I’m trying to finish all of my current knitting projects, and I’m adamant that I will not start any new project unless I’m getting paid for it.

…yesterday was an acception…



I found a tutorial on double knitting on YouTube!  I’ve seen so many of Bloody Mary’s projects that she’s done and I finally had to give it a go!! I am now working on my second pot holder. Yay new kitchen goodies!

That’s all for now. I’m getting my hair cut in the morning so I need to scram.


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