Distance Traveled

I’ve gotten a few blasts from the past lately. People have wandered back into my life: Some are old friends reaching out, others are strangely, people that even up to a few years ago hated my guts…who all of a sudden want to get into every nitty gritty detail of my exhistance…which is wierd. 

I’m all about making connections, so welcome to my world people!

I learned how to Kitchener Stitch last night, and I kind of set myself up for failuer. I called Bloody Mary first thing as I finished this Duotone Cowl, as she has mastered nearly every knitting technique ever, and she advised me to try this tutorial on how to knit kitchener stitch.

It was awful. Truly, terrible.


LOOK AT THAT RIDGE. Kitchener stitch does not have a ridge! Eventually, I went to using the old needle and thread technique, and viola!! It turned out better!!


AND IT IS FABULOUS! I’m so happy with it!

Now, I’m working on another cowl. I’m kind of cowl crazy at the moment, it’s a sickness I fear, ha!

This was originally a hat:


Then it was one kind of cowl, and then I stumbled upon a cowl specifically designed from this kind of yarn.


This is the “Burberry Inspired Cowl”. I don’t know how I feel exactly in terms of using “ripoff” designs, but the designer took due diligence to find this cowl and not make any copyright infringements. So I feel better. This yarn is now discontinued, it’s Cascade Venezia, a chunky silk and merino blend. I typically avoid using chunky yarns these days, and I’ll admit this yarn felt like a quick – project type of beginner knitter yarn, you know, the kind of yarn that you use on big fat needles to get a project done in a day.

I was wrong. I really like this yarn and I think this will eventually make a delicious cowl! Yes I know I said I wouldn’t start on any new projects until after I moved into my new apartment in March, but in this case, I technically started the hat for this back in December. Justifiable, I say.

But these projects require learning new things. Looking back, I’m sometimes surprised how far I’ve come and how much I’ve learned over the years. It’s super exciting to see my progress and see just how much I can accomplish if I set my mind to it!

I’m also amazed at how much I’ve kinda grown up this past year. I’ve learned how to become a damn good housekeeper. I’ve grown professionally and personally in terms of working with people. I’ve learned to better budget my money.

In respect to soon being completely on my own in a few short months, as well as wanting to Pilgrimage to New York in the fall, I went ahead and even cancelled my subscription to Yarnbox. It’s makes me happy, but responcibly, I just can’t do it right now. It hit me like a cucumber up my nostril, but I had to do it. Strangely enough, I got a message of sorts from the company about it:


This was my original Instagram post right after I cancelled my subscription. I was being a little theatrical with it, I’ll admit, but honestly, yarn makes me happy. Coming home to a little surprise once a month totally perks my mood in the social work field. 


This is the response from the company while they were working the Vogue Knitting Live event in NYC. Is that Customer Service or what?!?!

I mean my goodness! I was just being a little over dramatic because I was trying to deflect my sadness with humor, but to be reached out to by a company?? How sweet is that?

That’s why I love my fiber arts community. Crafty and Caring.

Shouldn’t we all be this way?


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