Broadening My Horizons

Hope you all like the new page setup!!

I had an awesome day off today, the weather was 70° here! Our weather is so bipolar, it will be frigid tomorrow, haha. I decided to take advantage of sun and sky and play with my acid dyes today!


…and I may have had those cranberries sitting on my cabinet for, like, two months…oopsy! Into the pot they went!

For my acid dyes today, I wanted to try to play with color mixes. I was originally going to save myself time doing dishes by doing food coloring, but then realized that I had apparently never gotten any this entire year I’ve been living here…go me. So, I wanted to try to get a bluish-green, green, and purple color varigation. I busted out some baby syringes and drizzled away.


Now, my microwave is big, but it’s not big like most indie dyes use, so I decided to wing it in the oven. This is merino handspun, so I knew it would be fine at 350°, but it was after two minutes in there baking that I realized…hmm, maybe I need to saturate that…so I ran over and started dumping cup fulls of the vinegar water that I had pre-soaked it in.

I’m pleased with how it ended! I’ll show you more details tomorrow, it’s still drying in my bathroom. But here’s how it was before I had to run out the door:



I am amazed at how that purple and mauve broke up during the process! How cool does that look?

As for the cranberries, they will also have to wait until tomorrow. I had to run out the door so my uncle could teach me how to do my taxes.

But not before we had to swing by my dad’s work for a haircut.


Yep, I took Scarlet woth me. Fashioned an orfice hook out of a paper clip and everything. As you can see, that’s some pretty bright green I’m working with, but I’ll fill you in on more of that tomorrow.

Happy weekend!


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