Knitting is the New Yoga

This phrase isn’t as popular as it was a while back, but I saw it again and would like to argue and counter.

I don’t think I’m a good Yogi. I love yoga, but I treat it as a workout, not a spiritual thing. I went to my first Hot Yoga class the other day, and this phrase came to mind. So, I would like to counter.

Knitting is NOT, the new yoga.

I went to a $5 class at 5:30 in the morning on Thursday and I’m still recovering. Aside from the sweat fest, and being surrounded by glorious, shirtless, glistening men, (one of which I was directly behind, and all I could thjng was “Ooooommmmmm-mmm-MMMM”), my blood pressure was so all over the place I had to sit through a third of it. It was not relaxing at all. Music was too loud, and the instructor just walked around giving directions instead of demonstratjng, which given all of the “experts” in class, I assume the routine never changes.

Knitting isn’t the new Yoga. Knitting is knitting. It’s a productive stress relief.

I’ve needed alot of stress relief this week. It’s just been bad. Today was Valentines Day and I’ve been playing with new things.

Firstly, I am laying with a new pattern idea that called for kitchner stitch and a provisional cast on.


I was supposed to only cast on 100 stitches, but I got distracted and it wound up being 176 stitches!


I was originally going for something like the Duotone Cowl I just finished, but it turns out it fits around my head! I think I came up with something to finish it rightly.

I know, I know I vowed to not start another project until I got settled into my new apartment, but I m a knitter, it’s an occupational hazard. I also started a mohair and silk shawl today:


Never worked with mohair before, and I don’t know how I feel about it, it’s so thin!!

I guess I’m subconsciously just trying to wrap myself up in my own love, you know, ridiculously single as I am and all. Which brings me to the rest of Valentines Day.

I got off work and wanted to go get some grub. As you all have come to know by now, taking myself out to eat is nothing new to me and something I frankly enjoy.

But not tonight. Everywhere was packed, Olive Garden, indian, he’ll even most cheap Chinese joints. All these places werent even taki g orders To Go!! Ooof i was pissed and cursing and wishing all those obnoxious coupkes would just go f*** off already.

See what I did there?

So I decided to stop driving aimlessly and wound up painting pottery.


Yes, random I know, but it was there, and it was practically empty. Just a little something for the new place!

As well, here is that yarn I finished the other day you all got a glimpse of:



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