As I slowly begin the careful process of packing for part one of my next exodus, I find myself finding projects that I had started years ago that, moving out a year later, I haven’t touched once. And I’m still starting new knitting projects.

Shameful, I know.

I’m not afraid of commitment if that’s what you assume, either.

Today, I opened a long awaited package that picked my working life this week right up:


Silky Swiss Yarn from Siidgarte! ! International mail takes forever, yo! But I’ve got all 525 yards of it all to my lonesome self!!

Yes, I realize I’ve started at least two projects this week, but I vow to stash this away for something special 🙂

Going to be spinning up more blank skeins this weekend and start dyeing some more. I need to clear my closet out.

Also, having the new Bachelorette Pad in mind, I need to think of my creative fiber storage. I’m thinking big decorative baskets, but I’m not sure.


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