Can’t stop the Grind

In a mad dash last night, I finally managed to move back in to my parents house for my week long layover until my new apartment is ready.

Crap. Is. Everywhere.

Hopefully this week and a half goes by quickly, and thankfully I’m not on call next week when I move. Unfortunately, that means I’m back on call again this week. I’m starting to get a little exhausted not even getting two days off each week.

So today, I decided to have a little fun!


I bought myself a hand carding kit online and I’m really looking forward to finally producing all of that alpaca fiber out in my shed!!!

With this kit I got one pound of Coopworth  fleece:


And another pound of black luscious Cormo, both of these types of fiber I’ve never knit or spun before.




Oh man, I opened that bag and the scent of raw luscious sheep just sent me visions of frolicking in fields.

So just to remind my parents of why they really don’t want me to move back in, I decided to wash and prep these beauties!


Now, I’m a little pressed for space, and I’m talking SQUISHED back in my old room, so I had to get creative. I borrowed one of the baby gates we use for the dogs and strapped it across two stacks of my drawers, (because setting up my actual dressers for two days is silly), and viola! Drying rack!!

Hopefully tomorrow it will be dry enough to card, and spin!!

I also bought some seeds so I can, hopefully, grow my own little dye garden this spring.


Bonus points if you know what color dye this plant will produce 😉

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