What if.

I have had the most overwhelming past few weeks. Between basically working six days a week, (yay salary) and trying to move while not taking any days off, I’m practically ragged. The family animals are happy I’m home at least, I’ve been mauled by furry cuteness almost every night and morning. The scars on my legs from their enthusiasm would have my therapist concerned, haha. It’s funny being back in my own room again, it’s like a big delivery from the nostalgia truck in more ways than one. Bonus: I had a rather unexpected blast from my past in the form of my very first highschool boyfriend blowing through my world week before last.

Talk about whoa. But just as quickly, poof! There he goes again. Know what I love? The illusion of time. So much changes, yet so much remains the same. It was great to catch up on those middle years, but it seems the breeze has already carried him on.

Now, to business:


Super mail day yesterday!! I’ve infiltrated numerous fiber and dye groups on facebook, and alot of vendors and indie dyes were doing alot of destashing  this week. So, as a housewarming present to myself, I got the first batch on the left, which is about 4oz. Of straight alpaca roving. The next day I found some Bambino (merino/bamboo blend for the uninitiated) blend from my favorite dyer on instagram, Ali of Ewe and Me fiber arts. I am in LUST with this color and can’t wait to spin it!! I have to finish and mail out my TMNT pants I’m filling for an order before I sit down and start spinning, but I’m excited.

Easily an $80 haul I got for half of that! Goodness I needed this. I need Spring to come so I can be lifted out of my funk. I’m excited that the fleece I showed you all earlier this week is finally DRY!!! As soon as dad takes an hour off I WILL finish that damn picker this week and show you all how it turned out and how I make rolags before I move on Wednesday!! That is my solumn vow!!



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