Appropriate Coordination

Moving has been going well! These past five days off has been total bluss, and I fear they’re going to have to drag me out of my apartment to go to work tomorrow. I’ve realized that I collect alot of eclectic stuff and NONE of it goes together, but that’s ok!

I also need a significant number of floating shelves because I have very generous wall space to work with.

The yarn and my spinning wheel finally made their way to my new home yesterday, and even though I am still amongst mountains of boxes, I had to start spinning something. I also re-organized my yarn stash:


Beautiful, ain’t it?

I’ve also been taking the opportunity to expand my horizons. I’ve been researching a couple of spinning magazines that are new to me, like Ply and Spin-Off. I’ve noticed that they do alot of open calls for articles from readers and I’ve been inspired to write! I never knew this type of possibility was open to someone like me, but I think I may explore this.

I also may be dipping into my tax refund and getting a new laptop, mine has been finicky woth me lately. Especially not having Internet in my new abode yet, these one-hour limits have been killing me as I try to apply to various establisents. I about threw my laptop across the Starbucks this morning. No lie.

Also: I have maintain control and NOT started any new projects! I’m slowly working on finishing everything I’ve been working on!

These five days off started so dismal, but as things come along, I’m feeling more peaceful and excited about life! My followers, especially my Instagram friends, you’ve all been so supportive and caring in my downward sides and episodes, and I just want to throw that love and kindness back at you all!


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