So, apparently I had a deep and abiding love to make rag rugs in the not so far future. It’s an oddity for me, I don’t really like to crochet because it hurts me hands. I think I had a fantasy of a little country cottage where I would need a rug in every room of my house. No idea why.


No idea I had started this many. I don’t even know what I originally planned to do with all of them! I guess I should finish one or two sometime. Eh.

I also busted out some handspun and I’m finally working on something with it.


Nothing fancy, just working on a spring time cowl. Look at those colors, and that stitch definition!! I do love Malabrigo wool.

It comes rather felted in spots more often than not, but if I draft it at the seams in the top after I unbraid it, I can make magic happen.

Some of you probably have no idea what I’m talking about but that’s alright!!

I have almost rearranged my furniture to where I like it, but dad is coming down sick and can’t come over to hang my shelves yet. Boo. I never realized I collect so many knick macks and souvenirs that people bring me! I almost have an entire wall of “Goods from Other People’s Travels”.

Which kind of makes me sad. I want to travel.

Maybe some day.
I had another ground breaking epiphany this weekend, but I can’t tell you about it yet.

Just know that it’s probably one of my craziest ideas this far. And pray for me. It’s going to be a long nine monthe.

That was not an innuendo to say I’m pregnant, just to clear that up first!!!


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