The Harry Potter BLITZ Project!!!

Hello everyone!!

I’m having a fabulous day today and I wanted to have a fun project to go with it! My Godfather surprised me this week by booking us an extended weekend in UNIVERSAL STUDIOS later this summer!!! He’s a super big fan of The Simpsons…in fact, you may recognize him…


He made international news this past year for his Homer Simpson costume 🙂 He even got interviewed for a magazine in South Korea!!

Uncle D is just now feeling better from an illness that darn near killed him, and he’s lost over 40lbs because of it. Since then, he’s decided that he wants to get out and live a little more, so, since I’m just as nerds as he is, he needs a roller coaster buddy to tag along!

I begged to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and he said it was a done deal…

…but he’s never seen the movies or read the books….blasphemy, I know, but he’s starting them now and he’s really enjoying them.

So, in honor of this Pilgrimage, I need to step up my wardrobe, so, here’s where you come in:

You’re probably here because of the open call I did on Instagram, yah? Well I won’t bore you any longer.

We’re doing two knit alongs.

This first one is a short project, I’m setting a goal for having these made in 10 days, and I would love for you to join me!!!


By the most popular comments on my Instagram, I would first like to do the O.W.L. Mittens from the Knitting Daily issue of The Unofficial Harry Potter Knits issue that came out last year! Since it’s going to be a million degrees in Florida when I go, I figured this wouldn’t be too overbearing to flaunt while I shop 😉

So, grab yourself some sock weight yarn and some size 1-2 DPN’s, grab this pattern off Ravelry and let’s go for it! I’ll post progress along the way. Stay tuned for round two of this knit along!!! I love this particular color combination, so I’m going a little bit bigger on the needles and plan to felt these down. So they will be closer to size. Nothing too crazy!

I hope you play along!!


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