Blood. Sweat. Tears.

I had to take a break from my Harry Potter project for a day and I went to a theme park not over an hour from my home today with these two beauties that I haven’t seen in almost a month..


It’s called Silver Dollar City, it’s a bit of an old-time theme park, but it’s alot of fun! They have more shops than rides, no joke, and we happened to stumble into a “yarn shop”. They were selling walmart acrylic yarn for $8 a bump. So not cool. I did, however, find these beauties…


A really cute batt of Superwash. I normally would never pay $10 for one measly ounce, but I had a project in mind. This was the steal of the day…


Angora. Rabbit. Fur.

Also one ounce. But SO WORTH IT!!!

So, the owner of the shop found out I’m a spinner and tempted me to sell my yarn in her shop…normally this would be a sweet opprotunity, however her business practices weren’t, shall we say to my liking, and leave it at that.

When we got home, I decided to take the opportunity to play with another spare parcel of roving.


Turns out that’s only one ounce of Alpaca roving,not two. Boo for mis-labeling!! I put it to work though. Remember my carding kit I got a while back?


I decided since I STIIIIILLLLLLLLL haven’t finished my Picker yet, that I would just give these carders a test run. Now, because some of you may be new, Hand Carding is where one takes fiber, wetter they intend to blend it like I did or not, and essentially brush the fibers into place. It’s covered by metal teeth on each of the two brushes. I decided I’d blend the Angora and Alpaca together tonight, just to see what two of the world’s warmest fibers would feel like together. Bonus, I did this all from my bed in my pj’s, haha!


See all that fluff? That is 0.10oz of the angora. I used half of the ounce of blonde alpaca. I also learned tonight that a little angora goes a long way.


It’s  hard to explain in words how to card, I may make a video tomorrow if you would deem that helpful…


This is how the fiber looks when you first put it on the card. You don’t really need that much angora, I learned later.



Yeah, I’ll try to make a video tomorrow. As I type this I realize I was so caught up in the process that I stopped taking pictures as I went, go me. I wound up using a total of 0.05oz of the angora by the time it was all over, and the ending result, called Rolags, turned out really nice looking!! I may expirament with other fibers just to see how they turn out, and I’ll try to spin these bad boys tomorrow!!

Oh, and if you were wondering, those metal teeth on the carders are really sharp


Stay tuned, lovelies!


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