Don’t Stop

So…remember how I was a crazy person and tried to get a pair of Mittens done in ten days? Yeah that didn’t quite work out. I am ENTHRALLED with this color work, but damn, it’s taking forever!!!


I’m also glad I decided to make them bigger and felt them down, because my hands are swimming in them as it is!

I took a good long spinning break. These past two weeks at work have been the absolute worst, and I can since my body going back into danger mode, because my appetite has all but diminished. I made a conscious effort to thwart that tonight:


Busted out my knitted man and called it a date night. I can’t tell you enough how much I am utterly miserable with my hours at work. These uncompensated 10 hour days are getting mighty old.

But, here’s what I’ve been spinning


This, THIS IS BLISS. My bestest dear Bloody Mary had a birthday last week, and to celebrate, after an epic night of her getting rather toasty at the bar…


…she called me down to roll around in the new fiber shipment at the yarn shop!!! This is merino, cashmere and silk and dear God, I am in utter heaven.

I’ve also been working on that raw Coopworth


Through my research and what little experience I have working on this particular breed, I have a feeling that this goody is destined for a non-skin touching sweater. It’s still quite sticky from the washing, but hey, it was my first time, I ain’t worried! I plan to dye the yarn maybe a dark blue or turquoise…not sure.

But, tonight I debut Round 2 of the Harry Potter Pre-Universal trip KAL!!


By popular demand, the FREE “Lovegood” Cardigan!! It’s free on Ravelry, and Bloody Mary found the best yarn for it…


It’s light AND colorful, just like my literary twin Luna herself!!

Hope you all play along, we start Monday!!!

All my love,

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