Plans Change

So, I was cranking away on this Lovegood cardigan. I used a heavier weight yarn, which called for bigger needles, and, even though I knew it would already be a bit bigger than the pattern, I added a few stitches.

This is not why I frogged it. I frogged it because this pattern is mostly written in notes. There is a lace detail across the sleeves, but it does not give proper coordinates as to where to put it across how many stitches. And that lace was just a terribly confusing pattern if you just had a small amount of stitches to work with.

However, I want a damn purple cardigan. There is a crocheted replica of the cardigan Luna wears on Ravelry, but the link is jacked up. Blissfully, I have a whole library at my disposal to find a close enough replica of my own.


This is from my Knit To Flatter book, it’s pretty darn close to the original even if it is knitted.

I still love this recycled denim yarn, so I think this makes a lovely summer cardigan.

In other news, I will start a new job at the end of the month in a medical office. I’ve been doing alot of thinking and working in crisis management with families who don’t realize they are in a crisis on purpose to leech off of whatever assistance they can get is not for me anymore. I am very fortunate that my new position will be very forgiving to my school schedule.

Plus, you know, seeing daylight before and after my shift, weekends off, and the possibility to start, maybe, dating again. That’d be fun.

I also added a new wall hanging to my main wall in the living room.


Yes I realize that there are three stuffed toys on this shelf, but this particular spot is right over my spinning wheel. I’m still in the process of adding more pictures, wall hangings and such to fill this wall. I hate big white walls.

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