The Agonizing Joy of Sock Knitting

Summer time is here, and it’s hot. Obnoxiously humid as well in my humble corner of the world. It’s prudent to wear as minimal clothing as possible now, and the last thing you want to even think about is wearing socks. Even if they are spectacularly well made.


I, personally, love to knit socks.

I mentioned once that knitting is like handwriting. This is still true. For sock knitting, I would equivilate it to different languages: you’re making the same garment, just different ways!

You could be someone who goes bananas at the opportunity to do a
Magic Loop. I myself am a traditionalist, and still crank out my socks on three Double Pointed needles like I was taught so many years ago.


Fierce!! I like to pretend I’m in a mini Lights Saber battle when I’m working on a pair. Socks are my favorite go-to project when I’m on the run.

Don’t worry this isn’t a tutorial yet. In fact I’m not even going to try to talk you into making your first pair…yet… but I am hear to prepare you, dear one, for the set backs and hazards that will accompany you should you accept this wooly quest.

People Don’t Get It
I mean for less that $4 at the store, why would you spend at least $15 for the yarn and then take a week or two to make the socks yourself?”
I lost count of the last time I was asked that. if you’re a Knitter, this is where you just smile and wave. Truth be told this is a Post-apocalyptic life skill that has kept our ancestors alive for generations. People will judge and misunderstand the fact that you Knit from the jump, but socks? Now they’re going to start making comments, thinking that you’ve gone off the deep end and need saving.

Pf, as if.

You’ll Never See It Again
My mother doesn’t even wear the socks I made her. I got it in a nice warm yarn in her favorite colors, and she complains that they’re too hot. I had an aunt that feigned being so impressed with my mad skills, and when i sent yer a pair after a week of work, sneakily getting her shoe size from family members and everything, she wound up donating them. This is when I decided to start charging family members.

My dad proudly flaunts them at special occasions. Even when I gave him ONE at Christmas because I hadn’t finished the second one yet, he was over the moon.


We have come a long, LONG WAY from the very first pair of socks, which were discovered in Egypt from so long ago.

Not everyone is going to understand. They see “hand knit” and think sweaty, itchy, and uncomfortable. it is your job to convert them. Let them see the awesomeness!

What Should I Wear?

This is where I struggle the most. What do I wear to show off my hand knit beauties? WHAT SHOES DO I WEAR THEM IN?!?!?

You may not know this about me but I HATE shoes. Shopping for them is the worst for me. All my shoes are ugly and beat up because I don’t want to go replace them.  This is where I’m sure Pinterest comes in handy. Because this…


Ain’t too practical. Cute, but not practical. When in doubt, flats are your friend when it comes to the hand knit variety.

So go forth, be brave!! Don’t let the doubters and cynics deture you from mastering a new skill!

Go forth and be knitty!!!


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