Tour de Fleece 2015

I’m about to wrap up my second Tour De Fleece!! I’m having a blast and really cranking out some pretty yarn.



I’m hoping to get at least one more complete skein done before I leave for Florida this weekend. This year I sort of crashed a team for someone I found on Instagram who calls herself Topeka Twister. She is a founding member of an awesome club called Spin This Box. I haven’t partaken in a monthly membership yet, but they make BEAUTIFUL sample collections to spin and I love every time they debut the new months colors!

Some fiber highlights from this event: First up, some Carribbean Gold merino from a charming lass called Ali, owner of Savvy Skeins.


Can’t get over this color combo. Cant. Even.

Next, some selections from Frabjous Fibers:


Some fluffy Polwarth that reeks of vinegar, which is not a bad thing in the dyeing world.


This is some Silky Cashmerino. I couldn’t resist a second braid of this in a purple color. After I did that green stuff a few months ago I was hooked!

I love this event. It’s great practice for Spinzilla in October. Im wondering if I’ll crash a team or spin rogue again. I really want to crush the Monster Mile this year. Speaking of which…

…i am running low on fiber. After my Florida Vacation I’m going to be hard at work cleaning and processing all that alpaca fiber STILL hanging out in my shed back home, and get it ready.

I would kill for a drum carder so I could do more in bulk. My hand carders are doing great for me right now don’t get me wrong, but I could always do more at a time.

Oh, and I have a cat now.


He’s a ham. I helped rescue him from work…


And this is how he repays me. He will learn. Fear not, the yarn has been secured!!

Until next time cuties!

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