What to knit when you’re on vacation

I went to Universal Studios this weekend with my godfather this weekend and it was so cool!

There isn’t enough space to contain all the awesomeness so let me make one quick point…


Unless you’ve read the books you wouldn’t understand the awesomeness. Almost every major character in the Harry Potter world knits. Mama Weasley, Hermione, hell, Hagrid!

I was so elated when I found this window, the needles were knitting themselves and everything!

Here’s a few highlights, but before that, I also have a new video link on my Tutorials Page for a little problem I had with Tour De Fleece, if youre interested. On to pictures:


Homecoming. Like, my childhood dreams coming true!


Me and my godfather, Uncle Doug. That Butterbean was something else



Our Water View hotel room was a palm tree, lol. But this hotel was beautiful and totally Zen.


Everything but the shirt and the wands, (yes I came home with two), was a sweet surprise from Uncle Doug 🙂

The wands actually do spells in the park, it was so cool. See, I did extensive research online and didn’t think Luna Lovegood ‘ s wand was interactive to do spells, so I bought the Birch one, based on my Celtics zodiac. When I saw Lunas was interactive, I HAD to have it!!!

All set for Ravenclaw Pride!!


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