So, a coworker of mine is starting the process of training to join a roller derby team in town, and I figured, dare i?

So, my first ever practice, first ever time on quad skates, I broke my elbow on my third fall about 30 minutes in.


Long story short, I’m a dumbass. It was fun though! Me being me, this is bound to happen again. I have such admiration and mad respect for those amazing athletes, but I think this may be out of budget for me long term.

So, now my weight lifting plans are on hold. I got a call that I have to go in for a CT scan on monday and meet with an orthopedic doctor on tuesday. Praying that I won’t need surgery. Jake is also recovering from his operation on Tuesday.


Wish I can bounce back like he has.

Regardless, I’m going to try to spin a little tomorrow. I also have a surprise for you all later this weekend!!


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