We Are Pack

I tell yah, it’s really fun how all my friends happen to live so close to me. We may go weeks at a time without seeing eachother because life gets busy, but we are always near. Always ready to drop everything for a late night walmart run for ice cream to be eachother shoulder to cry on.

Or, in this weekend’s case, go play on a road trip


Me and my Hookers decided to go ahead and head off to KC for a day! I was originally going to take myself and spend a long day renuvating my wardrobe, strolling the Plaza and taking all the time I want. Ironically, Sarah already had vacation on the day I was talking about going, so we combined it to make it her super awesome birthday trip!

School starts for the fall semester tomorrow, and I’m nervous. I’m between two college campuses and an online class. Why two campuses? Because there was only one Microbiology class on my home campus, but it conflicted with my work schedule. More and more I’m nervous about this Nursing School pursuit. In all honesty, I’m horrified. I apply for the Accelerated Bachelors program here in a few weeks and I’m about to loose my mind.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m working out backup plans. Perhaps starting slower, maybe becoming an LPN or even something less like a CMA. I don’t know. I hate to shoot for lower, but after my experiences with Child Life falling through years ago, I will NEVER allow myself to be backed into a corner without room to move ever again.

I will be taking this time to be powering through some WIP’S that have been laying around lately. Ironically again, they’re all Fall projects. I’ll post pictures soon!



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