So, I’m working on a sweater. It’s a lovely Superwash wool in a diving autumn colorway.


When you see the Mona Lisa…

Keep looking….

There you see it? Funny how colors play out ain’t it?

I took a step back and took stock of my life thus far. I got accepted into nursing school, my arm has pretty much healed, I am living independently in a lovely little apartment woth lots of leg room, my friends are exciting and interesting people, and I am in a relationship that is nurturing, supportive, and fun.

I have so, so much to be thankful for.

As I was reading up on the incoming hurricane about to hit Mexico I started reading articles about the humanitarian crisis in the Middle East. It made me heartbroken to see such devastation.

Something that inspired me to pursue nursing was my aunt. She’s a CMA that took a Medical Mission when I was a kid to Nicaragua. I’d like to do something like that some day. I had a vision of applying myself solely to the benefit of others in need. One thing that made me hate social work was working woth people “in need” who were really too unmotivated to pick up and better themselves and not rely solely on benefits. That’s why I returned to medicine.

I got to thinking about a possible way to combine doing good works in medicine as well as knitting. So far I’ve got nothing, but I’ll keep you posted.


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