Frog It

Sometimes, you find a yarn or a pattern. You admire how nice, colorful, soft it is. You may wonder about what this could become. You envision it in all four seasons to determine the style and fit.

So you put your heart into it. You take care to not only know what that yarn is made from, but how it feels and how you need to take care of it.

You dive in, you start creating something new and you’re excited. You go everywhere together. You may think about it when you’re parted from it.

You will get frustrated because the pattern isn’t turning out like you thought. It’s too big, it’s too little, the design elements are wierd. But you work through it, you can fix it.

You can ALWAYS go back and fix it.

But sometimes you don’t want to. Sometimes you look around and notice that while you’ve been struggling to figure this out, there’s some other project that you could be paying more attention to, one more worthy to your yarn and talents.

Sometimes friends are like these knitting projects. Sometimes you don’t want to fix it. It doesn’t have to be anything personal. It just happens. People drift like leaves in a creek. Sometimes they drift apart.

I am blessed to have a strong core group of best friends; Katie, The Hookers, Other Rachel, and my dearest Prince. I still sometimes mourn the friends who have chosen to drift away, but as time goes by, I realize that it doesn’t matter.

Two of these friends in particular have stuck out to me recently; one who was my best friend in high school, the other was one of my frirst friends at my job at the Shelter. Both of these friendships ended, essentially, with a door being slammed in my face. Our time together was a treasure, and these friends had indeed contributed some joy into my life, but seasons change, and people do too. Sometimes you’ve just gotta frog that sweater on the last sleeve and realize it will make an even better bolero.

I will always have my Pack. And we will forever hunt the fluffiest of sheep til the day we die, together.

Wishing the best to those who took different trails.

Love always,


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