Alive and 25

Supposedly your “Golden Birthday” occurs when you turn the same age as the day of the month you were born. That being said, you can only have a Golden Birthday until you turn 32, for all the possibilities given.

Rubish, I say.

But regardless, here I sit. Today is my 25th birthday, I’m knitting, watching Star Wars, and dreaming of the next year ahead of me. I have so much to be thankful for and look forward to.

But, I’ve gotta say, I got some good swag this year…not that things are important…

My handsome boyfriend got me a new camera and I’m so excited to try it out! He also got my the coolest wireless soeaker, which will come in handy for my yoga practice 🙂 My other favorites include this:


Bloody Mary has recently picked up Woodburn ing and made me a plaque of Scarlet, along with a skein of 100% cashmere yarn. Yum!!

My hookers also never disappoint, but I’m ashamed to say I didn’t get any pictures of the shenanigans.

Today was christmas with my parents:


Mom found these two amazing hand woven bags from Ghana! They’re gorgeous and the cats love them, haha


And, finally, something I’ve waited my whole young life for:


Mastering the Art of French Cooking Volumes 1 and 2. I about died, but enthusiastically  cursed without restraint. Handsome and I are going to probably be double our size this time next year!!

Capatalistic conquests aside, I have so much to be thankful for this year. I may not be at my best health wise, but I’ve got two great parents, the tightest circle of friends, and a love that gives me the warm and fuzzies. So much lies ahead for me in 2016 and I can’t wait to get started.

In knitting news, I’m still neck deep in shawls and I’m in the middle of a commissioned cardigan for a coworker. I won’t share too many details on that yet.

Good night everyone!


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