I’ll Tell Ya When We’re in Too Deep

I think I’ve bitten off more than I can chew.

I took an inventory of all my WIPs and I’ve got to say, I’ve been a bad, bad girl: mittens, sweates, shawls, oh my!

I have also found and begun an exciting new opportunity: Test Knitting

I decided to take on two projects, both looked relatively simple enough. I can’t wait to show them to you but I can’t talk about it until the patterns launch!!

I then took on a third by happenstance from a designer I looooovvvveeee. But I can’t talk about that either!

This is turning into a lackluster post I know, but bear with me!

I am slowly finishing up a cardigan for a coworker, finally. I have to be honest and say that I’ve never hated a project as much as I hate this one. The yarn is a discontinued Plymouth yarn made of merino and mulberry silk. It sheds like none other.

I find it interesting that people, when it comes to asking someone to knit something for them, have no depth perception when it comes to how much time and yarn it takes to knit something for a grown adult. I had to do into my own stash to make sure I have enough to make it down the body.

Essentially I had 12 skeins with 99yds apiece to work with: and she asked me to knit something Calf Length.



Just saying, depth perception. What’s worse, this dame is a knitter herself, which makes the situation all the more bizarre.

Now, onto more important news, Bloody Mary and I have scheduled our first Pilgrimage of 2016!!


Do you see the name of the Special Guest?? We are going to meet the Yarn Harlow herself, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee!!! Oh my gosh!!!

B.M. and I will be taking a nice weekend trip, leaving the boys at home, and getting our yarn on!! We’Ll probably also be shopping for new threads to match our new yarn. Because that’s how we do.

As an added bonus, the editor of Ply Magazine will also be in attendance, Fan Girl alert!!! Ply, as you may or may not know, is published here in Missouri, and it’s lovely

One of my goals is to travel more this year, it will be great since I don’t have school in the summer AND my new job comes with a nice raise 😉

I have one more awesome project in the works! Stay tuned, I am going to designate Wednesdays as my day to update my posts so I can be more consistent with you, friends 🙂

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