These past few weeks have been hellacious, to put it plainly. Working full time on top of three days of nursing school has been rather draining. My domestic duties of housekeeping have seriously lacked lately and it has kind of piled up around me.

I’ve finished some major projects lately. I finally finished a cardigan for a former coworker in November, and got done with a pair of Boxers for my Dearly Beloved’s mother.



That was the cardigan pre-blocking. I tell ya, blocking really makes all the difference in the world.

I’m still in the midst of Shawl Shock. I did, however, just finish three test knits. I do not, however, have any good pictures of them. I really need Bloody Mary to be my Instagram wife for a day and go take a bunch of pictures.

I had my first Valentines day as a non-singleton this year. It was low key, cold soda and watching lots of Archer and Mad Men. In a word or two…really swell.

I’m going to try to not cast on any new projects until I get these last three shawls under control. I have one more project in the works, but I’m still keeping that a secret for now 😉


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