Look How Far We’ve Come

Alot has happened lately. School is kicking my butt, I apparently squirreled up my payroll and wound up owing a couple of thousands of dollars in taxes, and I’ve been picking up way to many extra shifts at work. And to top it all off, I hit a poor cat on my drive home :'(.

Oh, and Quinn Perkins popped one of her sutures from her declaw and, sibsequently, has a bandaged club foot to show for it.

She’s always been my fiesty one. I never have problems with Jake.

So, I’m broke as can be right now. But honestly, I don’t mind. Why go out and spend money when I can stay home and knit from an abundant stash?


Pre-paw-popping, Quinn joined me in showing off a new hat I just got done test Knitting for a chap I met on Instagram. Joey of Fox Den Fiber Studio released his first pattern called Good Vibrations this week, and it’s honestly been one of my favorite projects to work on lately. I’d say, depending on your base and color choices, you could have one of these for every season. I’ve never done a top-down hat before, but this pattern was easy to memorize as you go along. You can check out the pattern here!

I had a good time working on it, it really cheered me up. So, in respect to owing so much on my taxes, I had to cancel my Kansas City trip to meet the Yarn Harlot in April. I’ve tried to not cry about it, but failed a time or two. I get annoyed when people tell me “Oh, maybe you can go next time”.

It’s not a concert for a musician who make a stop in your town once a year, people! These opportunities are once in a lifetime.

Oh well.


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