Due to my I’ll fortune of my payroll mistake and owing quite alot in taxes, my magical weekend of yarn debauchery in Kansas City had too be cancelled. And, to add to it, we had quite the weekend at work. Numerous patients were medically ill on top of their normal mental instabillity.

One more person tells me “You can do and do the same thing next year!” I’m going to slap them. But more like a cat Batts at a dangling toy.

The Yarn Harlot, editor of a well-known spinning magazine, and the Missouri alpaca breeders show will, woth heavy doubt, never be in the same place on the same weekend ever again.

There are also several friends I have been blessed to meet on Instagram that are attending Stitches Midwest outside Chicago in august. I don’t even dare hope to go.


I finished Nick’s socks. Now, my Dearly Beloved is, rather stoic. Let’s just leave it at he was rather stoic upon the recital of these socks.

For the second major event in a week going sour, oh well.

I’ve picked up a new test Knitting project  last night for @PamelaJane on Instagram! Her new Cicada Hat is surely going to be pretty killer looking once I’m done.

For only being four months into the year, I’ve racked up quite a test Knitting portfolio. I’ve never accomolished so much knitting in so little time!

I am making myself a promise to not miss out on anything again. We are blissfully receiving a raise tomorrow, and I am going to invest it and save to start enjoying my life as I should.

Meet all the people.
Knit all the yarn.


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