Well Spun Prayers

Mantra Before Spinning
Take this fiber,
For it is my life.
Though it may be Drafted
Twisted with tension
Single and Strong
Plied and plentiful
This Creation is to Create Beauty
This is the Fiber of Life, Spun for You

Blessing for New Yarn
Our Fiber, who is well drafted,
Wooly be thy base.
Thy color be fun,
Thy draft well spun,
On me as it is in my stash.
Give us these days, our plentiful thread
And forgive us our aditional cast-ons,
As we give attention to our projects that have been Cast-On before them
And lead us not to temptation
Just to the closest yarn shop
For mine is the kingdom, the polworth, and the fluffy,
Forever and ever,

Hail Stephens
Hail Stephen West, full of Shine
The Color is with thee
Blessed art thou amongst knitters,
And blessed is the fruit of thy labors of WestKnits.
The Best knits.
Pray for us knitters,
Now and in the hour of awaiting your latest clue of your knit alongs.

For Dyeing Yarn
Color break, colors blend
Let them dance along the wind
Ice and Kool-aid in a pinch
Or of the Sun like Caitlen ffrench
Bring these colors bold and bright
Bring these shades for my delight


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