Better Days

Yet another mass shooting. Yet another round of innocent people with lives cut short. Yet another innocent group of people who just so happen to have loose commonalities with a monster stereotyped and blamed.

Islam does not promote this.
Responcible gun owners do not promote this.

Hate promotes this.

Ignorance promotes this.

Kindness is free. Choosing love of another person shouldn’t cost you your life.

I follow a great many people on Instagram, and many have come together to show solidarity to the victims of the Orlando shooting by hosting a pride themed Knit Along.


Although it is not truly rainbow yarn, I’ve selected some of my first handspun yarn that I ever dyed to support this KAL and those of the LGBTQ community.

It’s not much. It’s really not. In fact it’s so humble I don’t even think it stands to reason. Then again, neighbor does the whole situation.

One of my dearest and oldest friends came out to me as a lesbian many years ago as she was dissolving her marriage. I’ll never forget how honored I was that she told me first and how relieved she was to hear nothing but my support.

People should not be hated for who they love.


Pray for peace, but better yet, teach your children about what is worthy of being angry about. Poverty, slavery, child abuse, those are things you can be passionately angry about, and should take action against; but not at the expense of innocent people living their lives in a sanctuary just for them, and all others who embrace life, love, good music, and I’m sure a stunning array of really attractive performers.

Choose to rise above.


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