Growing Strong

House Martel, if youre a fan of Game of Thrones, has the house sigil of a rose. I had a lovely rosebud that I tended while I was living with officer rachel, but alas, she killed it. So, I’ve needed a new distraction since my Instagram was hacked and distorted last wek. But we won’t talk about that here.

I have now turned to succulents.


I may have a new obsession.

But that’s not why were here, let’s talk about yarn.


Rachel K, another Rachel to add to my army, is a fan of my podcast, and after seeing me geek out over this lovely Shetland I received from Crosswinds Fiber Farm in iowa, she gifted me 6oz of dark grey roving!!

Totally made my world.

So, I dug into the blonde Shetland I had previously purchased from CW a couple of weeks ago and blended it woth some of my alpaca. It turned out absolutely lovely!


Blondes Have More Fun, I think 😉

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